Providing Function Specific Training in the
Compressed Gas Industry across
the entire United States.



Date Location Course Details
February 18, 2019 Oklahoma City, OK VIP Click for more details
February 19, 2019 Oklahoma City, OK ECT/CO2 Click for more details
February 13, 2019 Orlando, FL ECT ONLY Click for more details
March 23, 2019 Chicago, IL ECT/CO2 Click for more details
April 10, 2019 **ONLINE CLASS**  UN Cylinders Click for more details
April 10, 2019 **ONLINE CLASS** Special Permits Click for more details
June 26, 2019 Cincinnati, OH ECT/CO2 Click for more details
August 14, 2019  Montrose, CO ECT/CO2 Click for more details
TBA Oklahoma City, OK ECT/CO2 Click for more details
November 1, 2019 Oklahoma City, OK VIP/ECT/CO2/SP Click for more details
October 23, 2019 Houston, TX ECT/CO2 Click for more details 


Private Training Courses also available. Please call (405) 516-8248 for more information. 

Benefits of private training:
- You need to have several people trained to comply with DOT and OSHA requirements for dealing with high pressure
gas cylinders. It makes economic sense to pay travel expenses for one person versus 5.
- As well, it alleviates the travel expenses relating to sending those employees to Oklahoma City (or other venues) for
- The ability to have everyone trained at the same time....get it done and over with.
- Documentation of certification on file. If certificates get lost or misplaced they can be replaced.
- Training from one of the top industry instructors. I have a comprehensive knowledge about compressed gas cylinders.
It's my job and my passion.
- Enhanced level of safety for your employees and customers.
-Course provides up to date information on issues affecting the cylinders you and your employees are servicing.

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Benefits of Training for Students

- Technical Support after Training
- Understand DOT regulations
- Up to date on latest industry information