Providing Function Specific Training in the
Compressed Gas Industry across
the entire United States.
Experience inspecting and re-qualifying cylinders across many industries such as beverage, industrial, medical, paintball, fire extinguisher, racing, aviation, SCUBA and fire service.
Special Permits Training
Private Training Class
Function Specific Training
in the compressed gas industry
Over 20 years experience inspecting
and filling gas cylinders
Custom training programs with
emphasis on cylinder safety


Welcome to Amy Morgan Bruecks website. Amy provides function specific training in the compressed gas industry across the entire United States. 

Amy specializes in training foreign and domestic hydro-testers to comply with Department of Transportation requirements for visual inspection and eddy current testing. Amy has developed the only function specific training for filling carbon dioxide cylinders.

**Exciting news – Amy now provides RIN IIA services.  Call or e-mail to get a quote for your next inspection.**

Available Courses

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Benefits of Training for Students

- Technical Support after Training
- Understand DOT regulations
- Up to date on latest industry information