Providing Function Specific Training in the
Compressed Gas Industry across
the entire United States.


A one day certification course for visual cylinder inspectors. This program includes technical standards for the visual inspection of all types of cylinders; aluminum, steel and composite, as well as training on cylinder valves and compressors. This is a hands-on class designed for individuals performing cylinder inspections and haz mat employees conducting daily operations around cylinders and compressors.  Class is approximately 8 hours in length.

Topics Covered:

  • CGA standards
  • Federal Regulations
  • Cylinder Inspection Procedure for steel, aluminum & composite cylinders
  • Proper Filling Procedures & Recommendations
  • Sustained Load Cracking in Aluminum Cylinders
  • Damage Limits of 3AA, 3AL & Composites
  • Thread Standards
  • Cylinder Rejection Limits
  • Cylinder Cleaning Procedures & Tumbling
  • Cylinder Visual Inspection Frequency
  • Fill Station Operation
  • Tools and knowledge to safely handle high-pressure cylinders
  • Thorough supervised walk through visual inspeciton of high-pressure cylinders

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Benefits of Training for Students

- Technical Support after Training
- Understand DOT regulations
- Up to date on latest industry information