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Required as of January 1, 2007

Our Eddy Current course is approved by the manufacturers of both available Eddy Current instruments.  Our certification course provides you with recognized, documented training.  

HM220F has been issued!

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Eddy Current Instruments are:

· Required to perform eddy current testing according to the regulations

· Excellent tools to help locate and verify cracks in aluminum cylinders

· Training is necessary to help inspectors interpret results

· Training is required for hydro testers




Order your Eddy Current Compliance Guide

 Okay, so you’ve had training.  But have you written your company’s Eddy Current Examination Procedure?  If not, it could cost your company thousands of dollars in PHMSA fines.  

This guide is designed to help your company comply with 49 CFR Appendix C to Part 180.  It includes an outline to assist you in writing your company’s “Eddy Current Examination Procedure”.  It also includes information on additional record keeping requirements.  With this guide, you can bring your company into compliance with little effort.  All of this for only $50.

According to 49CFR:
Appendix C to Part 180—Eddy Current Examination With Visual Inspection for DOT 3AL Cylinders Manufactured of Aluminum Alloy 6351–T6

1. Examination Procedure. Each facility performing eddy current examination with visual inspection must develop, update, and maintain a written examination procedure applicable to the test equipment it uses to perform eddy current examinations.

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